L.A. SHARES Empowers The City Of Los Angeles

The journey to a more sustainable Los Angeles begins with small steps, lots of them, such as reusing supplies, equipment, and furniture.

Our client, L.A. SHARES is an organization that supports neighborhood councils, community organizations, and schools with surplus and salvage goods. This gives the excess materials a second life and reduces the strain on neighborhood council and non-profit budgets.

Organizations that are setting up new office space can source everything from furniture to equipment to supplies at L.A. SHARES, all at no charge.

Neighborhood councils that are partnering with a local school can source everything from art supplies for classroom programs to outdoor furniture and building materials for landscaping work to paint and equipment for beautification projects.

Los Angeles is the city of abundance and L.A. SHARES is working to ensure that those with excess goods get connected with those who have a need.

For more information, to donate excess goods, or to put those goods to work, visit LAShares.org