How Can Brands Use SnapChat?

SnapChat is an incredibly popular messaging app that allows people to share moments with their friends. This is a huge hit with Millennials. However, surprisingly, it is still new and unpredictable to many brands for use in their brand campaigns. The infographic below provides some insight on how clients and agencies can incorporate SnapChat into their marketing efforts.


Infographic: How Becoming a Mom Changes Millennials' Buying and Media Habits Their favorite brands and devices

BabyCenter teamed up with the Interactive Advertising Bureau to poll mostly first-time, millennial moms on how motherhood changed the way they thought about brands and used media. It included the findings in its 2015 State of Modern Motherhood report.

“Year over year, figures clearly show U.S. millennial moms are spending more time with media overall, due to mobile,” the study notes. Read full article here.

Introducing Twitter's Weather Related Ads


According the WSJ, Twitter sealed a partnership with the Weather Channel that will allow agencies and clients to tailor their messaging according to specific weather conditions in a user’s geographic location. For example, mom’s could be served a targeted ad that offers discounts (for their kids) on water adventure parks during the summer months. For our clients, in particular, targeted twitter ads have proven successful in most cases but it will be interesting to gauge the effectiveness of this new type of weather-related advertising. We'll be keeping a pulse and if it works, we're most likely going to test it out and we'll let you know how it goes.  Click on the picture below to read full story on this new type of advertising.